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Crime Talk with Scott Reisch

Scott Reisch host Voir Dire. A criminal trial attorney for 23 years discusses, legal issues, the Constitution, and hosts guests regarding trending issues. With Scott's grab them by the collar questions he gets to the truth.

Jul 10, 2020

New Order From Judge on Daybell Vallow Case New Video Shows Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Getting Arrested

Jul 10, 2020

R. Kelly case Update - Ghislaine Maxwell Defense Team and Breonna Taylor Case New Audios Release

Jul 9, 2020

George Floyd Case Update - Ghislaine Maxwell is Going To Court - Vanessa Guillen Update

Jul 7, 2020

Crime Talk Daily Update: Was Lori Vallow a Good Mother? Ghislaine Maxwell on Her Way to New York

Jul 5, 2020

Crime Talk Sunday Edition: Let's Talk Lori Vallow