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Crime Talk with Scott Reisch

Scott Reisch host Crime Talk. A criminal trial attorney for 23 years discusses, legal issues, the Constitution, and hosts guests regarding trending issues. With Scott's grab them by the collar questions he gets to the truth.

Oct 30, 2020

s Barry Morphew's Story Comin' Apart? - Q&A From Our Subscribers and More!!! Let's Talk About It!

Oct 29, 2020

Judge Joins Trials For Chad And Lori Daybell - Private Dive Team To Search For Suzanne Morphew And More!

Oct 28, 2020

Crime Talk: Lori Loughlin Is Now A Humble Person. Why There Is No Such Thing As Easy Money? And More!!! Let's Talk About It!

Oct 27, 2020

Crime Talk Update: Breonna Taylor Grand Jurors Are Back In The News... And More Let's Talk About It!

Oct 27, 2020

Did You Get To See The Ghost of Chris Watts' Daughter in New Documentary? Mystery Solved... And Much More... Let's Talk About It!